Bili ste super! Svaka cast! Bas mi se svidalo kako ste zabavljali nas od petka vecer pa sve do kraja, cak smo pjevali izvana dvorane! Di to ima?

Words cannot express how happy we are to have had Grupa Volta with us on Saturday! My parents are still talking about it. Ivan's family is still talking about it. You made my father cry, and that's not an easy thing to do since the last time I saw tears in his eyes was when Vukovar fell back in 1991. I felt like I was at a wedding back home as I was getting dressed upstairs and heard the sound of tambure from downstairs. You guys were simply amazing and if I could go back in time, I would go back to those first few hours and soak it all in again! My parent's neighbours were lurking on the street and commented how everything was so beautiful and joyful. My Canadian friends enjoyed you at the reception ... If God blesses us with a child, you will be playing at the baptism, so please make sure you continue doing this for many many years to come! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! K&I, Brampton

My baka wasn't going to come from Croatia, but she was glad when she saw you guys playing. Then the tears in her eyes as you played at my family's table will forever be one of our most cherished moments. Momci, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we were so proud to have you make this special memory at our wedding - H&M, Mississauga

We just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful music at the wedding! Everyone loved it. It contributed to the day being so special! - M&D, Hamilton

Kanađani koji su bili među gostima još danas pričaju kako ste ih vi zabavili... momci, šta da kažemo nego od srca velika hvala što ste uljepšali vjenčani dan naše kći. - V&M, Oakville

I have to compliment you on your professionalism at weddings. I find that you are always smiling and it is obvious you enjoy what you do. It really makes a difference! - CP, Oakville

At AK's wedding, we really liked that you took requests from the guests. That's why we're glad that we are able to get you for our wedding as well. - MH, Oakville

You guys really made our wedding into the fešta that we wanted. The fun people had while you were going table to table during dinner is something people will not forget! - F&Z, Montrèal