About us
O nama

Realizing that no wedding or party is complete without traditional tamburica music, our first goal was to help our friends celebrate their weddings with a taste of our beloved Croatia. As such, we started by playing at the door to greet guests to wedding receptions. Since then, we have been so well received that many people started asking us to come to the bride's or groom's house in the morning, and then to follow them to church, thereby entertaining friends and family all day.

We are proud of our Croatian heritage and are pleased to share it with all who wish to listen. Our goal is to ensure that your celebration is one that will be memorable for years to come. With an endless repertoire of music spanning several decades of traditional, folk, patriotic, rock, and popular music, we guarantee your satisfaction!
  Znajući da nijedna svadba ni slavlje nije savršeno bez tradicionalne tamburaške glazbe, naš prvi cilj je bio pomoći prijateljima da njihove svadbe imaju nešto domaćeg ukusa. S time na umu, počeli smo svirajuči na vratima dok su gosti dolazili na svadbenim slavljama. Od tada, mnogi su nas jako lijepo primili i počeli su nas tražiti da dođemo ujutro kod kuće mlade ili mladoženje, pa da ih odpratimo u crkvu, i tako da razveselimo i zabavimo prijatelje i rodbinu cijeli dan.

Jako se ponosimo našoj kulturnoj baštini, i drago nam je što je možemo dijeliti sa svima. Naš cilj je osiguravanje da Vaše slavlje bude ugodno, i nezaboravno. Sa bogatim izborom pjesama od nekoliko desetljeća, u žanru narodne, folklorne, rodoljubne, rock i popularne glazbe, mi garantiramo Vaše zadovoljstvo!

Tko smo mi?

The combo has seen some minor changes to its formation over the years, often because of other personal interests or goals. Our cast for your function will usually consist of four of the following gentlemen:
Brian Ćapin
vokali, brač or prim
Brian's experience with tambura started before he could walk. After he learned to hold a (beer) bottle, he quickly adapted to the brač. Brian is currently at the helm of Zvuci Hrvatske in Oakville, and helps any tambura group that needs it, and even some that don't. Ćapo is also a member of "Sedmi Dan". Like the Milardović brothers, Ćapo is 100% imočanin. When he's not playing some instrument or another, Ćapo works for Air Canada on the tarmack.
Ante Milardović
vokali, bugarija
Born in Australia, Ante is the eldest member of the combo. His 30 years of experience in all aspects of folklore show in his expertise and showmanship. Ante is in his 11th year of teaching computer programming and business studies at St. Benedict C.S.S. in Cambridge. He is also in his tenth year as Treasurer of the Waterloo Unit of OECTA. Fully fluent in Croatian and English with a working knowledge of French and German, Ante is the group's great communicator with young and old. His goal is to make sure that everyone has a great time.
Mike Šavor
vokali, harmonika ili brač
Šavor is another accordian player par excellence. His ability to pick up quickly on some of the more impromptu performances of songs we don't quite remember how they go make him a valuable asset to the Volta Team. He also has one of the most extensive foreign tune repertoires amongst us, so he's always great to have on a multinational gig. He's also probably one of the best things to come from the GKA (Greater Karlovac Area). When Mike's not busy playing weekends, he's a full-time music teacher for the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic DSB.
Daniel Hunski
vokali, bass
Daniel is the newest member of Volta, joining in mid 2013. As their new bass player, he demonstrates experience and skill with Croatian music, and easily adapts to anything the boys throw at him, whatever the genre or language. Daniel grew up listening to—and looking up to—the live music of Treći Stupanj, where his father played for nearly 30 years. This developed his knowledge and love for Croatian music and culture. Following in his father's footsteps, he picked up the bass at age 13. He has played on stage ever since with his own former band, filling in with various other bands and folklore groups, and ultimately now with Volta. His love for Croatian culture is also shown as a proud and active member and dancer of Kraljica Jelena in Kitchener since 2012.

Guest Musicians

From time to time, circumstances arise where four of us cannot all make it. Or, as has already happened, we take on two functions on the same day. In those instances, we call up on our top-notch back up singers and players to fill the void.
Mate Milardović
vokali, prima ili bas
As prima and bass player extraordinaire, there are few instruments he can't or won't attempt to play. Mate is better known as Maks or Maki. With his ear for complementary harmonies, he has a knack for adding depth to many of the songs, and for switching parts with his brother on the fly. Maki works at Research in Motion (Blackberry) in the IT department.
Ivan Munčić
vokali, brač
'Munchy' adds depth to the vocals easily picking up whichever part is missing. As the lead guitarist in Croate, he recognizes when to add some flair on his brač. In his spare time, Ivan is also an avid collector of beer glasses.
Marko Škrtić
vokali, harmonika/prima/bass
Marko is just happy to have a nickname like Jare. Jare, or Jerry, has transitioned into the world of the pick bass, although from time to time we'll still get him to pick up a prim. The most junior member of the team, Marko is always respectful of his elders, and doesn't get too wound up about things, unless it's us winding him up. To dispel all rumours, Marko is not Ante's son, he's not even an Imočan (he's from Karlovac), but we can't blame him for that. Marko currently attends the U of T, studying to be a doctor.
Justin Martinko
vokali, prim
Ivan Petračić
vokali, prim
Stipe Milardović
vokali, brač
Steven Jurinčić
vokali, brač
Ivan Katkić
vokali, harmonika ili brač
Steve Lojzer
vokali, prim
Zvon Petric
vokali, brač
Rob Kosić
vokali, prim
Damir Štakorac
vokali, brać